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For nearly 20 years, Competition Printing has been an award winning printer in the Phoenix and Tempe metro area. We specialize in creating print solutions for small businesses, large businesses, print-for-trade, and personal use. Our experience and broad range of products and services allows us to provide you with a professional end-product above your expectations.


Not only are we one of the most complete printers in the valley, we're always striving to expand our in-house capabilities to offer even more products! With our extensive finishing capabilities, our range of print products is virtually unlimited, regardless of how big or small your project may be.

Ahead of the Competition

Our pricing beats the "Print & Ship" centers and the big box franchise printers, hands down! Online printers target profit first, quality last, and leave their customer service out to dry. Most Online printers "gang run" your order with several different jobs from different customers. The result is varying color with little consideration of overall quality.


At Competition Printing, we're a little different. We're locally owned & operated, and we pride ourselves on quality and excellent customer service. Our reputation is on the line with every job we print. To maintain that reputation, we make our best effort to ensure your project meets the highest of standards. From the moment your job enters pre-press, to the second it's ready to ship, our staff focuses only on the job at hand to ensure consistent color and quality.


Already have a printer? Let us compare your current pricing to our own. We can tell you if you are getting a fair deal. If not, we may be able to beat the other shop's pricing while providing you with a superior product! Whether it's business cards, product manuals, or posters you would be surprised how much in savings we've found for our customers!

Our Promise to You

Our goal is to deliver the best possible finished product, meet your project deadline, and maintain high standards, all while staying within your budget. We work hard to meet this goal for every customer. Our production team will work with you to help you to meet your deadlines! Whether you're a small business owner, print broker, or a college student, we will go out of our way to meet your needs.


We're also available anytime to answer your printing and design questions. Feel free to contact us, and we'll give you expert advice for your next printing project, or advise you on what options are available for your printing needs.



Stop dealing with high prices and poor quality.

See the difference and the service we can offer.

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